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Hi! I'm Bea, a girl who love all things girly.


Why I started Blogging? 

I’m loving the process of writing on all kinds of topics and developing creative ideas instead of reluctantly letting them slip away. I have a universe of idea in my head that's been begging to be expressed and shared. Having a creative outlet that I could entirely control is like a wish that has finally come to reality. I realized that I have a story worth sharing with those who care to see/hear it, it's also my way to network with people who shares the common interests. To me, this blog is like an open diary of my lifestyle, experiences or should I say "my world".  

Who am I?


I'm Bea Cabrera an asian girl living in Los Angeles and definitely loves and fancy all things that is girly, pink and fabulous. You'll probably see me walking around the beach of Santa Monica wearing a pink fur coat in a very sunny day because I'm really that extra (lol). I believe that we should always dress like everyday is a fashion show like a really famous person and I bet you heard about that quote already, you just don't follow it like I do. If you don't? then I'm here to boost up your confidence and share to you all my fashion, beauty and lifestyle tips, giving you a little look to my OOTD's, beauty secrets and more! I will also share some travel stories, photographies and everything that could be aesthetically pleasing and related to my girlish world.

What makes me a writer?

I became a writer when I was in high school. I was a part of our school paper, gained the opportunity to be a member of the editorial and the entertainment writing even though it didn't last too long since I started joining other clubs who focuses more about physical fun and activities. But yes I have to admit that I'm an amateur author and still has a long way to go when it comes to professional writing. Everyday is a learning journey to me and I believe that tomorrow is always a chance to get better.