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Love Yourself, You Are Worth It

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Wake Up, You're Worth it

How do you know your worth? I have never been asked this question yet, but I know that I did ask my self this once when I was in a really bad relationship. It became too toxic to the point where I had allowed myself to be pushed around, manipulated, and cheated. The worst part was that I kept telling myself that it was fine because you loved that person, and in order to get his love, I had to do and give whatever he wanted.

But one day, I had enough of it. I realized that I had to wake up and face the fact that it wasn’t doing anything good to me at all. I had to tell myself that I didn’t deserve the kind of “love” that this half-hearted person was trying to give; that I knew I was worthy of being sincerely, wholeheartedly, and honestly loved.

Loving yourself first won't hurt

While the phrase “loving yourself” reeks of selfishness, you have to remember, it is very difficult to love someone truly if you don’t love yourself. Loving yourself first gives you the added ability to love others. It gives you the self-confidence to acknowledge that you are enough for others. Think of it this way. Imagine yourself as a bottle of water and your love as the water inside. If the bottle is half-filled and you pour yourself out to those you care about before filling yourself up, you end up with nothing more to give. If the bottle is empty, there is no more love to share. Take care of yourself first before anything else. This way, you fill yourself to the brim and you have more to give those who need your love.

Don't worry, you are enough

When it comes to relationship, it's the same principle above. You cannot share yourself if you have nothing in you to share. If you love yourself enough and the person you are with doesn’t, it won’t break you. You won’t have to worry about feeling inadequate or lacking. You are enough, therefore you are worthy of love. Even if you don’t get that love in the relationship, if it ends in a heartbreak, you can easily pick up the pieces and move on. This is because you know you are enough and you don’t need the love of someone else to complete you.

Hey, be your own person

Loving yourself gives you the confidence you need to go out in the world without expecting anything from anyone. This gives you an air that attracts people effortlessly. You don’t have to impress anyone. You are your own person and you will attract those who like the kind of person you are. And even if no one gravitates towards you, it’s okay, why? Because you love yourself and that’s enough.

This same principle can be applied to fashion. You don’t have to dress to impress others. Dress to make yourself happy. Remember, you have to be comfortable with who you are and what you wear. If you dress just to attract people but you're not happy with what you're wearing, you'll end up attracting the wrong people to your side.

"Love Yourself, You Are Worth It"

I understand that loving yourself first may sound selfish, but it's actually not. It starts with believing you're worthy of love and begin by giving that love to yourself first. When you do this, you won't expect less from others. And when others gave you less, you won't wallow in rejection since you know that you are worth more and you can give yourself the love they cannot give. From my experience, sometimes you can’t really know your worth right away. You'll probably have to go through a painful process to know what you deserve. And in the process, you'll get to know yourself better, and you'll know what to look for in a person whom you want to spend the rest of your life with.

xoxo, Bea :)

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