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The Petticoat Lifestyle

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

"The Pink Petticoat Skirt"

Do you love fashion and dressing up? Do your friends say, “OMG, I love your outfit!” or “You’re so fetch!” every time they see you? Do you treat each and every day as a chance to strut your feminine style? If you’re the type of girl who loves feminine styles, fashion and anything pink, then you live the Petticoat Lifestyle!

In the Petticoat Lifestyle, we will talk about things that matter most to a girly girl: the latest fashion trends, looking girlish and pretty and just expressing yourself with confidence and flair.

Why “The Petticoat Lifestyle?” More than an underskirt with a ruffled or lacy edge, a petticoat denotes a fun and girlish image. Wearing a fluffy petticoat can instantly lift your spirits and makes other people smile. It also denotes old-fashioned glamour.

What makes one a girly girl? You are considered a girly girl if:

  1. You are inspired to wear ultra-feminine clothing every day.

  2. Your fashion style and behavior are equally feminine.

  3. You love wearing pinkish shades and pastel colors.

  4. You would rather wear skirts or dresses versus pants and T-shirts.

  5. You adore make-up and other beauty products.

  6. You like to experiment with different hairstyles.

  7. You wear jewelry and other accessories with your everyday outfits.

  8. And most importantly, even though you are dressed in feminine clothes, you are one tough cookie!

If the above description pertains to you, then face it, beautiful: you are indeed a girly girl! Gone are the days when the more traditional symbol of ultra-feminism means helplessness and dependence on the opposite sex. That is not the real meaning of being a girly girl! It is more about expressing yourself and your style and being unapologetic for being who you are. It is about being a positive role model and someone that everyone wants to emulate and be friends with. It is also not about being mean to other girls, but it is about supporting and encouraging others. For me, being typecast as a girly girl is a personal choice, and embracing this lifestyle is something that was not forced upon me.

What are the interests of a girly girl? Aside from clothes, makeup, beauty products, shoes, and accessories, a girly girl has other interests such as:

  1. Creating a girly space by decorating your room or apartment.

  2. Showing your creative side by drawing, painting, writing, or other arts and crafts.

  3. Reading romantic books or watching romantic films.

  4. Baking cookies or pastries.

One of the most important aspects of being a girly girl is hanging out with other girls with the same inclination. Having a core group of girls with the same interests is essential because this will be your support group, who will be with you through thick and thin. You can talk about common interests and give each other fashion tips and advice.

If you want to cultivate your appearance and behavior as a girly girl, then this blog is for you! Because you and I both understand that every day is a fashion show!

xoxo, Bea :)

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