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Why is it okay to overdress in New York?

New York is one of the fashion capitals of the world. It is home to some of the most influential designers, most prominent fashion weeks, and top fashion magazines. It also holds a lot of trade shows, awards nights, and exhibitions. It also has a major influence on international fashion trends. Here are some of the reasons why it is okay to overdress in New York:

  1. Being in one of the fashion capitals of the world gives you the perfect excuse to overdress. People who live in New York don’t give odd looks whenever they see people who are overdressed because they are used to seeing New Yorkers, fashion icons, and celebrities who tend to do so. Even ordinary people and tourists who dream of making it big into the fashion world can also be found all over New York.

  2. When you are in New York, it’s okay to dress up, show how girly you are, be a cutie, feel like a star, and enjoy all the attention and praises that you might be getting from passersby. It’s your chance to bring out your inner fashionista without being judged or : by others. Slay! Get it girl!

  3. New York has a creative energy that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Because of this creative energy, designers who are based here are inspired to come up with a lot of fashion ideas and define trends therefore putting New York at the forefront of fashion innovation. Because of this, it is definitely fine to dress up and be noticed in New York. Overdressing in this city makes you feel the creative vibes that you get from the city.

  4. Wouldn’t it be great to have instagrammable photos taken in the top tourist spots in NY wearing your best dress? Be in your best outfit when taking photos at the Brooklyn Bridge, MET steps, Empire State building, Rockefeller Center, Times Square, and Central Park. Being in New York is a dream come true for most people and embracing its fashionable culture by overdressing makes your experience in the big city more worthwhile.

  5. New York is known for its broadway shows. Wouldn’t it be nice to watch them in your best dress? It will definitely make you feel good and confident about yourself.

  6. In New York, you don’t need a special occasion in order to get dressed and put on your make up. You don’t need that excuse to make you feel beautiful. You can always get dressed however you want even if you aren’t headed for a party or an event.

Winter fashion TIPS in New York

It can get really cold in New York during the winter. Nevertheless, New Yorkers still dress to impress during the cold season. It’s a sin not to dress up in winter no matter how cold it is. Although New Yorkers are known for wearing monotone colors, it’s ok to still dress up in multi-colors. Here are some tips on how to dress up in New York during winter without freezing to death: Layer up! Wear a lot of layers inside to keep you warm.

  • Thermal underwear or heattech: Use this as a base layer for your top and bottom. They will keep you warm inside.

Photo: Icebreaker thermal underwear is a highly recommended thermal underwear that is perfect for adventure traveler and winter hikes. I found this kind of thermal the best since you could pair it up with skirts, dresses etc. without looking so covered up and awkward.

  • Leggings/Stockings: Leggings will keep your legs warm. Though I prefer stockings (skin color) just so it won't ruin your look when you're wearing a skirt. I'm a skirt person, I prefer looking good over being comfortable which is dumb.. I know (lol). We always dream of looking like Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl in Manhattan so of course we have to do what we have to do to achieve that goal!

TIP: Wear at-least 5 stockings (skin color) underneath your skirt to achieve your ultimate girly OOTD and not catch a "cold" at the same time.

  • Small or thin down jacket / fleece / pullover / cashmere, wool, acrylic, or synthetic sweater / cardigan coat: You can use any of these as mid layer or you could leave it that way if you aren't that cold.

Photo: Model is wearing a thin coat in which she paired up with a turquoise/blue scarf to fight the cold weather and match her winter outfit at the same time.

  • Winter jacket / long down puffer coat / faux fur coat / formal jacket: You can wear these as your top layer. Choose those ones that would make you fashionable despite all those layers underneath.

Photo: I know I'm not the only one who's obsessed with a fur coat. Winter is the time to wear your favorite "Scream Queens" inspired fur coat in any color that you want. In this photo I'm actually wearing a 5 pair of stockings underneath my skirt instead of leggings that could possibly ruin the look. #PROTIP

  • Jeans/Pants: Jeans are perfect for the winter. Jeans can never really go out of style. These are fashionably perfect for winter especially if you pair them up with knee high boots.

But if you're the kind of girl who's done with jeans and thinks "it's so last season" then you might wanna try wearing some thick trousers or fleece pants that could perfectly go with any style that you want!

  • Sweater dresses: It’s ok to wear a dress despite the cold weather just as long as you wear thick layers underneath and you wear thick dresses that are made of wool or cotton which is just enough to keep you warm.

Photo: You know it's really hard to find the perfect "fashion week" dress in this kind of weather. But I'm glad I found this beautiful silk long sleeve type of dress which is definitely warm on the inside. I decided to match it up with the perfect faux fur coat that could go along with the length of my chosen dress. Yes, it's not easy to look for the best winter dress but you just have to be patient and be creative and all will be worth it.

  • Wool socks: One thing you can't forget in a winter weather is your best pair of socks. Your feet get easily cold in cold temperatures so it’s important to keep them warm by wearing thick socks.

TIP: You could also use your gorgeous socks to such signature looks like "80's baby doll dress, boots, with colorful socks sticking out" or just pair it up with your favorite skirt cause you'll never go wrong with such looks!

  • Scarves / wrap: Scarves will never go out of fashion but it would be great to use thick ones to cover and protect your neck from the cold.

  • Gloves: Wear gloves to keep your hands warm and also to be fashionably cute! When I think about fashion and elegance, I imagine a woman from the 1950's on a vintage car, with seamed stockings, a skirt, high heels, perfectly done eyeliner, wearing her finest pair of gloves.

  • Beanie: Wear this to protect your head from the cold.

Photo: I was over the edge thinking how to pair up my winter beanie to my usual get up.. which I failed to do so. So I decided to go outside my "normalcy" which is the girly side and wear something comfy and winter appropriate without losing my signature color and look. So here I wore a pink bomber jacket to establish the coolness of the over all outfit and a barbie jogger pants to maintain the girlish look that I always try to accomplish.

  • Earmuffs: Earmuffs are fashionable especially with the faux fur but more importantly, they protect your ears from the cold. Remember "Chanel Number 3" from Scream Queens? Wear your earmuffs as if it's a part of your body! :)

  • Water- or weather-resistant boots / over the knee boots: You don’t have to wear those rain or snow boots that are unfashionable. You can wear the more stylish ones as long as you feel comfortable walking in them and they are water-resistant to keep your feet from getting soaked in snow.

- New York City sparkles in winter, especially during the December holiday season. Dressing for New York in winter takes a little bit of planning but comes with the upside of an unforgettable trip!

- xoxo, Bea :)

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